Digital & Direct Marketing Services

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Direct Marketing

Our roots began in 1989 filling an under-served need in not-for-profit fundraising as a creative writer and director of design in London, Ontario. Early success in beating control mailers for provincial and national charities led to rapid expansion of the firm and by 1994, 3M Canada became our first for-profit NGO.

The firm continues to provide B2B and B2C direct marketing to the manufacturing, financial and insurance industries. Experience in Direct Marketing gives Response advanced skills when developing social media for today’s digital marketing and direct marketing standards.

Website Development

Response Generators made an early entry into website development in 1994, and while the role of websites has changed dramatically our Direct Marketing experiences continued to serve our clients in the digital age because we strive to understand the dialogue of the customer, and that skill drives our creative solutions. Combined with our graphic design and SEO services, we'll make sure you get found on the web and make the best impression possible.

Social Media Marketing Services

In a time-poor world, online media must invite hits and enthuse return visits. We have found using video in social media improves cognition. With paid advertising, the cost per click rate is very low and you only pay per visitor view. Advertising through Facebook and Google Ads will ensure you get found on the web. Response Generators recommends a mix of website design and SEO along with our social media marketing services to obtain best results.

Graphic Design, Branding & Collateral

Branding and creative design are strong differentiating components of our approach to Marketing. Our success boils down to one thing, unique ideas that motivate predictable change in your customer’s behaviour. The solutions we provide include logo design, branding, website design, website development and collateral materials.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to keep your business relevant in search listings. Search engines continuously change their algorithms that assign the order your website appears in search results. We are capable of achieving page-one first position in keywords searches organically. Page one in a Google search yields the highest conversion rates resulting in more buyers for your products or services. Response performs monthly audits and analytic results showing user traffic. The audit report identifies positioning amongst the competition, and identifies any changes needed to improve search engine results. The analytic report identifies user traffic analysis.