SEO Services

We can help you rank on the first page of Google


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to keep your business relevant in search listings. Search engines continuously change their algorithms that assign the order your website appears in search results. We are capable of achieving page-one first position in keywords searches organically. Page one in a Google search yields the highest conversion rates resulting in more buyers for your products or services. Response performs monthly audits and analytic results showing user traffic. The audit report identifies positioning amongst the competition, and identifies any changes needed to improve search engine results. The analytic report identifies user traffic analysis.

What We Can Do For You

■ Ranking your website on page one on Google for your keywords
■ Search engine maintenance for first page ranking
■ Website maintenance to improves page placement on search engines
■ Adding currency to your website with monthly maintenance
■ YouTube video postings with keywords
■ Improve local targeting by using location keywords such as “London Ontario”

■ Boosting SEO with back-linking
■ Video to improve SEO page position
■ Detailed reports of keyword development and scoring
■ Metaphrase development
■ Metatag development