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Beware of Threats that are Out of Your Control

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Beware of Threats that are Out of Your Control

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Canadian Machine and Tool and Die firms are busy with volumes of work filling their production capacity. The obvious storm clouds on the horizon involve the ongoing negotiation strategy of the NAFTA agreement. Many predict the talks will take years to resolve lessening the threat to North American free trade.

Closer to home, Statistics Canada reports that Canadian factory sales fell for a second consecutive month in July in large part due to a drop in the auto sector. A scheduled shutdown to retool may have contributed to the pullback and a rebound may be in store next month as these assembly lines come back to life.

With the forward-looking indicators down again in July, rebound expectations should be tempered.

The strikebound Cami Assembly plant is contributing to significant job losses at suppliers and will soon exceed the number of workers on the picket line. This ripple effect of the strike at the Ingersoll automotive factory is being felt by manufactures around the London region.

The rapid fallout is an illustration of how tightly integrated the auto industry is, with parts arriving as they are needed – not warehoused – for the assembly line. Unifor Local 2009AP is gathering sympathy among suppliers to Cami but the net result is causing layoffs at suppliers that have lines dedicated to the Ingersoll plant.

While the strike is in its third day, the layoff notices among the supplier chain has affected 3,225 workers. At issue is the loss of the Chevy Equinox to a Mexican plant leaving Cami without a replacement vehicle which poses a large threat to the business.

The sudden strike action has caught many shops in a serious bind. Often referred to as a “gorilla on your back”, devoting a large part of your business strategy to one OEM can have devastating results.

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