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Seth Godin Quote
It’s no coincidence we all love a good story: our brains are wired to communicate in a narrative format.
Telling a story is by far the best way to make a message stick.

The power of storytelling has long been the most successful way to establish culture and generate brand awareness. Take Coca-Cola or Nike: they’ve leveraged the power of shared experiences to bring the world together over things as ubiquitous as soft drinks and running shoes.

Here are the reasons every business needs to develop and share the own story.

1). It strengthens your organization.
Every business needs a great story to engage both customers and employees. A story is a concrete example of your corporate values and it creates a sense of history and consistency for your brand.

2). It’s straight-up science
The art of storytelling isn’t a soft subject – it’s a science.
Sharing a compelling story triggers empathy in others by releasing oxytocin (called the “truth hormone”) which helps people relate to each other.

Listening to stories also activates the same part of the brain as if we were experiencing the events for ourselves. Sensory activation improves recall and will make your brand more memorable that companies without stories.

Stories are the easiest, most effective way to build trust with your audience. Find your story, share it and harness the power of storytelling for your business.