Response Generators Newswire05.26.2017.

What Is SEO?

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What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a process that affects a website or webpage's visibility in "unpaid" or "organic" search engine results such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Why would this matter to your website? The higher and the more often your website appears in a search engine results page, the more visitors you will get to your site where the visitors can be converted into customers!

Can I Fix my SEO one time and maintain my results? That would be the dream! But unfortunately Google is always updating its secret algorithms which it uses to weigh and rank your website by. You see, Google is constantly trying to be the most relevant, user friendly search engine possible which means they have to implement different algorithms to weed out irrelevant websites and those using "black hat" seo.

What is "black hat" seo? I'm glad you asked! Black hat SEO is considered unethical by Google, in which a website uses aggressive SEO tactics, strategies and techniques that focus only on search engines and not a human audience. Examples of black hat seo tactics are keyword stuffing and invisible text. For example, you are looking to buy red pumps. You search "red pumps for sale" into google, click on one of the top organic results just to find it doesn't mention anything about red pumps and begin to wonder why you were given this page in the search results, perhaps Google made a mistake? What you may not see is that in white lettering to match the background are the words "red pumps for sale", among a cluster of other keywords, which the search engine found.

Why would someone participate in Black Hat SEO? Well you see, by attracting traffic to a website that serves ads, they either get paid per click or per view of the ad, making it profitable for them to engage in black hat tactics. That is, until sooner or later Google catches them. What happens then? Once Google catches you, it penalizes you by negatively affecting your SEO rank, overnight you could see your web page drop from first page to page 23, where you will most likely never be visited. Or even worse, you may have your website banned.

How can Response Generators help you with your SEO? Here at Response Generators, we are very thorough; analyzing each and every error and warning on your website. First an overall site audit is conducted that analyzes any indexing and crawlability issues, as well as any encoding and technical factors. Proper indexing is important because without it, it is difficult for search engines to find your page when relevant keywords are searched. Crawlability is also important, because the search engines send out "spiders" to crawl your website and return the relevant information back to the search engine to update the ranking of your website. Some of the overall site factors that are analyzed are:

Indexing and crawability analytics:
• any 4xx and 5xx HTTP status code issues
• robots.txt and .xml sitemap are correctly set up
• ensure that resources are not restricted from being indexed

Encoding and Technical factors:
• Any mixed content issues on pages
• Ensure mobile friendliness
• Size of pages that may affect page loading time and user experience
• URL structure and link structure to ensure all links are properly functioning and URLs are search engine friendly

On Page SEO:
• Images are analyzed to ensure there all images are displaying properly and alt text is relevant
• Titles and meta descriptions are analyzed for any relevance, duplication and proper length

After an overall site audit has been conducted, SEO recommendations are then broken down based on each page, which happens in 2 steps. Each page is first analyzed for any technical factors affecting SEO and addressed. Factors such as; page availability, any encoding issues, proper URL and link structure, page load speed and mobile friendliness. Each of these factors plays a role in google page ranking and most importantly; user experience. Second step is to conduct a content optimization audit in which each page is analyzed for its target keyword(s) and each factor is weighed against the competition. Title tags, meta tags, body tags, and image tags are all analyzed to ensure they contain relevant keywords, are the proper length, are not flagged for keyword stuffing and weighed against the competition for each factor. After audits have been conducted, we get right to work fixing the errors and warnings one by one, improving your SEO with every step!

If you still have trouble wrapping your head around SEO, think of it this way; your website is the hottest story, fresh off the press ready to wow and shock the audiences, while SEO is the delivery boy ensuring everyone looking for your ground breaking story gets the right information at the right time. Without the delivery boy, the story would never reach the proper audience in proper time just like without SEO, your website might not be attracting the most relevant visitors to your site whom you can convert to customers!