How Organic SEO Helps Grow Your Clinic11.13.2018.

How Organic SEO Helps Grow Your Clinic


Why did you put a sign up in front of your clinic? Visibility? Awareness? 
When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages when you were looking for something? In 2018, Google reigns supreme. So why would you ignore the thousands of people searching for your business every day?   

What if I told you that you didn't NEED to pay per click for every lead? (Or, if you want your clinic to dominate your market, I strongly recommend you do AdWords AND organic SEO investing)

When I started Reponse Generators in 1989, I knew that I was entering a unique under-served space in direct marketing. Today, there are so many players in digital marketing and SEO that I can't blame people for shying away from it. But my belief has always been fortune favors the brave. Applying my direct marketing experience, I saw a massive opportunity in health care and wellness and decided to run with it. Turns out, I was right. SEO has the power to completely transform a clinic's revenue and the dreams of the business owner. Two things I really enjoy doing. 

But how does organic SEO help? Why wouldn't you just pay for AdWords?


This is a great question that I get many times a week. 


I'm lucky enough to meet with clinic owners often, and I am very careful not to work for clinics that offer similar services, devices or therapies unless there is a different out-of-town location that is not competing with your clinic. This has given me a unique perspective on the industry and some very interesting insights. 

For example, most people only care about immediate results. Humans are impatient by nature. Never is this more clear than when you hand the keys of a business to somebody and they want it to succeed beyond their wildest dreams RIGHT AWAY. 

Good things come to those who wait.


I'm not against AdWords. In fact, pretty much all of our clients are doing some form of AdWords. But one of the biggest opportunities I found when we started was that most people didn't believe in organic SEO for their clinic. This was either because they were super old school (and close minded) or they'd been burnt in the past by some unscrupulous Yellow Pages SEO company who promised the world. 


If you gave someone money each month to do SEO, and they do not provide reports, they stole your money.


I'm sorry if this happened to you. but if you're allowing it to stop you from investing in getting the top of Google, you are shooting yourself in the foot.   

For example, the keyword physiotherapy London (Ontario) has over 1000 searches every month (people looking for physio in London) and Google ranks the difficulty as low. What does this mean? This means that in London, Ontario (and cities all over North America), if you have physio services, you'd be silly for not investing in organic SEO. Low competition level means that you'd be at the top of Google within 4-6 months. Around 90% of people who search go to the top 2 results. What would an extra 1000 patient leads do for your business? (If you need to fact check this data, see Google Keyword Planner)  

That's just ONE keyword. Now imagine you do yoga in your clinic, chiropractic, massage, cold laser, acupuncture or more. Now you can see why it's a normal occurrence for me to receive texts from clinic owners saying they had 200 new patients last month, many of which signed up for a monthly wellness package. 

I love it when my team convinces a clinic owner to take a chance on us and we overdeliver.   

Organic SEO is simple. People are searching for you on Google. You can either pay for each click (Google AdWords) or be the top search result in your city when somebody searches for your services. Personally, if you want growth in your clinic, do both.   

Happy Growing,  

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