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Hook prospects with video

threats to business

Hook prospects with video

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Using video in your digital marketing yields the highest results and payout compared to any other form of content since it has the potential for most impact. Targeted video content can accelerate buying decisions as your prospect moves along their buying journey. Knowing the different stages that lead to a buying decision will help you develop the most effective approach at each stage of reaching a buying decision. Video Conversion Funnel
threats to business


In the awareness phase the idea is to attract potential customers and educate them about the value your products or solutions provide. A key aspect of attracting is showing up in search results and being present in social media groups/communities where customers are engaging and trying to find answers/solutions. This is where a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Examples of great video content for awareness are: FAQs, video ads, or How To videos. People seldom read text only content. A well-produced video can easily hook prospects attention. The goal at the intake stage of the video conversion funnel is to get in front of the customer during their initial browsing and searching activities. Also adding a Call to Action in your videos during this stage will move viewers down the funnel as you encourage them to view more or visit your website.


Now the potential customer knows about you, the next stage is to build trust. As the customer is trying to engage with your brand (through your website or other web properties) and determine if you are the right fit, your video tools need to be more in-depth to build credibility.

Profiles, Welcome or Explainer videos are great ways to educate and engage your prospects with more information about your business so they will consider you as the top solution to their problem. At this stage, you can also leverage your videos to collect information and send them more specific content based on the number and types of videos they have been watching (Google Analytics can give you detailed insights on their viewing history).

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