Our Team

Peter Watson

Founder, Creative Strategist

Peter founded Response in 1989 following a career path that crossed both sides of the desk in marketing. Always a left-brain/right-brain thinker, his greatest strength is applying the marketing process to complex client business challenges.

From the early days Response has worked its solutions from the target audiences outward into the available media to create interaction between business and consumers. Three legs of the process include, client acquisition, client up-selling, and client retention.

In 2012, Response embarked on a bold change to create a virtual agency. Lifting the bricks and mortar overheads and staffing wages allowed the firm to cut its hourly rate while providing experienced senior talent to client marketing challenges. Gone are the boardroom tables and chairs, the reception area and City taxes. The connectivity technology is now mainstream allowing team members to work from home to connect with freelancers, clients and vendors.

Virtual staffing has many advantages. High touch solutions like web content generation, blog seeding and development of forums all contribute to sparking dialogue with the public or industry professionals.

Given the measurability of digital dialogue, experienced marketers who have cut their teeth on direct marketing principles will take lessons from analytics and fine tune digital marketing programs on the fly. Numbers don’t lie... it’s what happens when you take 46 years of experience and apply it to fertile minds that know how to navigate the complex digital world we live in today.

The other immediate benefit is scalability. Given our strong infrastructure of team members, we are able to add virtual partners to manage and create unbiased, integrated solution for our clients.

direct: 519.963.0186


Kelly Peters

Data Management and Production Coordinator

Kelly has been with Response for half of our 26-year existence and has proved to be a highly detail-orientated production and database manager for all of our clients. Her skills in direct marketing, collateral production, data management and procurement, and media measurement has made her position perhaps the most important at RG. While we pride ourselves on compelling yet strategic creative and bold insightful strategy, we are prouder still our skill at acquiring and analyzing the data that feeds and measures both of these functions.

Response rents space within one of our long-term valued vendors Classic Mail Management allowing Kelly daily interaction with direct marketing programs on the production floor.



Suzanne Alzner


Both analytical proof reader and bookkeeper extraordinaire, Suzanne has managed our financial affairs through the virtual office transition and keeps a steady hand on the business from her home office.



Karen Watson

Business Development

Karen, who upon graduation from Western University saw a market niche that was emerging and seized upon it by marketing student properties in London, Ontario to out of town parents of first year university students. Her secret, tenacity, pluck, drive, and courage to call cold parents offering them free tuition in future years for their sons and daughters by purchasing a student house and renting it room for room to be sold at graduation and reap the profit from real estate to cover four years of residences and education costs. How did she do it? By getting her real estate license, then cold calling through the Western Student Directory to connect with students and parents.

The formula worked very well for Karen until a downturn in real estate sent her searching for her next big idea. High touch direct marketing got its introduction through a mutual friend who knew RG was searching for capable prospectors to help market a 100-year old private school to target parents in the London CMA. This is the beginning of a longtime relationship with RG. Karen developed relationships while cold calling prospect parents (with high school aged children). She even gave tours on Sunday Open Houses at Alma College, in St. Thomas. Not far from her student marketing tactics but highly successful never the less.

Since 1990 Karen has helped steer RG on a successful direct marketing path for many corporate clients including 3M, Canada Life, Bank of Montreal and AMT Electrosurgery.

Today, Karen focuses on business development for RG and its clients.