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As the world moves beyond an era of decision-making based on what people think into a new age of decision-making based on what people know, numbers will drive everything.

Data and research tells us the world is changing. We offer an objective, economy-forward perspective that sees threats, opportunities, media and markets the way they really are — not the way everyone wishes they would be.

From target research, to ongoing assessment of media performance, we have developed a quantifiable process that tightens our efforts to a laser focus. We can go in and analyze effectiveness of tactics in-process, the result is a strategic plan that maximizes your return on investment.

Here are some of the areas where we can help

Strategic Planning

Let’s bring your future into focus. After all, going out without a plan and targets will always leave you wondering – is it good? Was that worth it? Did it help or solve our problem? We can help
clarify goals and identify steps that need to be taken to get the numbers you want.

City of Woodstock Economic Development

Woodstock Econimic Development CollateralIn a world, and an economy, that is now changing so rapidly it is difficult to orient a business let alone a municipality, sometimes a little help goes a long way.

City of Woodstock Economic Development contracted RG to develop a brand and materials that would address the emerging realities of the changing global economy and appeal to the sectors and businesses that will sustain it.

With our substantial experience in the environmental technology, alternative energy, municipal economic development and new venture marketing, we developed a brand that trumpeted Woodstock’s acceptance of new economic realities that many other jurisdictions still hesitate to embrace.

We accept the world is at a crossroads between the old economy and the next one. So does Woodstock.

And the come to the crossroads campaign was born.

Southwestern Ontario Marketing Alliance (SOMA)

SOMA CollateralShortly after the Southern Ontario Marketing Alliance was founded, they looked to RG to position and present them to the global marketplace.

Their mandate — to leverage the resources of a number of municipalities to attract businesses to their region — required a look and message that would appeal to businesses and organizations across a range of sectors all over the world.

RG’s reputation for tact and diplomacy in complex consensus building, multi-stakeholder processes such as this is one of the reasons we have so much experience in the municipal sector.

Lets start with a plan

New Business Marketing & Communications

Storming out of the gate with a great look – and a great plan – is the best way to start a business. From product development and packaging design to branding and tradeshow presence, we have experience reading the field and determining the play before the ball is snapped. And if you are looking for investment, we also have experience developing business plans and materials to attract investors. Starting a business is an exciting time that demands all of your energy. Let us provide peace-of-mind and sweat the details so that you can maintain the focus you are going to need.

Some examples

Lakshmi Motivational Bracelet Dovetail Organizer Digital Security Software Conrad Denture Clinic Idlewyld Inn

Before we tell the world, let’s talk

Direct Response

Metrics has its roots in direct response. Then it was targeted pieces of paper, now it’s focused digital messaging. Both have important roles to play in today’s communications. We focus on building sound metrics into every response project and then analyze them to achieve your goal.

Some examples

AMT Tourism London Rocky's Harley-Davidson Lighthouse Private Client

Take advantage of our direct response expertise


Branding is much more than a logo. Your brand is how you communicate with the public — even when you’re not saying anything. If you need a new brand image, or to improve the one you have, come in and we can help boil you down to who you really are and help you make that work for you.

View some branding examples

Addaline Branding Collateral First Pinnacle Financial Rembrandt Homes Melitron

Let’s reveal the real you


Whether it's traditional media like TV, radio, outdoor or print to new media such as social networking, text and display online advertising, we can help define a plan, execute it – and most importantly – look in and see how it's doing along the way.

See some Advertising examples

Salt Therapy Asthma Ad Tyner-Shorten Clothiers Brand Awareness Ads The Hilton Tourism London

Let’s help them get to know you


We build unique and consistent designs that strengthen your brand and spark conversations. There’s almost nothing we can’t do on paper or on a screen. Whether it’s a tradeshow booth, print collateral, a unique book design or a jaw dropping website — we have the talent and experience to make it shine.

See what we can do

RS Concrete - Sales Collateral Storybrook Gardens - Icon and Map Design BlueStone Properties - Residential Sign The Bido - Book Cover Design

CTA Become NASTI Website Fusion Youth Centre Fibernetics Business Services

Talk to us about your design needs

Social Media

Social Media can be an incredibly effective way to proliferate awareness. Also known as peer-to-peer marketing, social media is akin to word-of-mouth on hyper-drive. If it sounds like something that works for you, let's talk about how easy we can help make it effective, measurable and expandable.

Some examples

Lakshmi Motivational Bracelet Lakshmi Motivational Bracelet AMT The Bido Book Facebook Offer

Let’s get social the old fashion way first