About Us

We are a full service marketing company located in London, Ontario.

Our Story

Helping you GROW profitably
Growing your business profitably requires insightful strategic decisions, marketing plans that accomplish your objectives, and advertising that reaches and persuades your target customers to react. Response Generators is a full-service marketing agency that helps businesses do all three. We are a marketing agency with deep experience in both traditional direct marketing and digital marketing. Response can align your message and build your brand across every channel.
Focused on Results
Every business has unique challenges and opportunities. While the strategies we use are different for each client, they’re all focused on generating results. We do this three ways: finding new customers, selling more to existing customers, and keeping them all longer by creating loyalty. These are the keys to increasing business profitability.
How we work
Our process is collaborative, strategic, iterative and agile. We believe an idea gets better as it goes around the table. We never pretend to have all the right answers, but we’re pretty sure we do have the right questions. Together, with shared insights, solid strategic planning and disciplined project management, we invent experiences that persuade behaviour and get results.
Our combined experience covers decades
We generate enough creative horsepower to help clients outrun economic downturns. We help those who are growing, flourish and help to develop new markets for your product or service. Our mission is the relentless application of Creative Intelligence to the growth of our customer’s profitability as your personal marketing consultant. Using a mix of graphic design and SEO will bring new life to your business. Contact Response Generators, your London, Ontario marketing consultant, today!

Our Team

Peter Watson
Peter Watson

Peter’s marketing career began working with Ted Rogers at Rogers Communications. Years later he started Response Generators focusing on Direct Marketing in the Southwestern Ontario Region. Response Generator’s growth and success are based on a principal Peter believes strongly in; Create profit for your clients by, finding new customers, selling more to existing customers and keeping customers longer through customer loyalty.

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Karen Watson

Karen manages Business Development for Response by following industry trends for our customers -- which has included 3M Canada, Canada Life, Bank of Montreal, Elgin Contracting and Restoration, DoubleTree by Hilton, AMT Electrosurgery and Russell Industries.

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Kelly Peters

Kelly manages complex Direct Marketing Programs at Response. Her knowledge of production processes ensure customer programs are estimated, managed and delivered on time and on budget.

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Ines Balaz
SEO / Social Media Lead

Ines is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist who utilizes SEO programs and current industry trends to keep your website current and top ranking on search results. Ines is also our social media expert; strategizing and executing posts that will increase your customer reach and engagement through digital marketing.